An international manufacturer and a regional furniture and carpet chain both used in order to make their ERP software selection.

Naarden, September 19th, 2012

A famous international manufacturer chose SelectERP!

An international manufacturer of in-store weighing and pre-packing solutions for food retailers, chose SelectERP. The company is the largest service organization of its type in the UK, Ireland & France maintaining weighing equipment, software and food processing equipment for more than 6,000 customers in the UK alone. They offer service and support for scale, software and food equipment installation, repair and maintenance through an extensive network of companies and approved distributors. The importance of weighing and food processing equipment is the highest priority of the company and they are committed to providing high quality, customer focused support for their products. Finally, a huge advantage is the 24hour emergency cover provided as standard 365 days of the year and the 24 hour Technical Support.

They have decided to look for an alternative ERP solution to replace the current erp software system. The system should support all business processes including manufacturing, purchasing, service (ticketing), sales and after sales, maintenance, warehousing and finance. At least one third of all employees will be using the system.

A well known furniture and carpet chain SelectERP!

Market leader for design innovation, with an established base in the East of England, they have an estate of 19 stores comprising of 9 out of town stores and 10 concession stores. Also well known for their quality of furniture, long-standing relationships with their customers and supported by an incomparable reputation for trust, integrity and excellent customer service. What makes them stand out are the extra benefits on top including free delivery always, free fitting on carpets, free assembly and installation on their bedroom ranges and their friendly Customer Service team to help their clients.

The company has 19 superstores and a fairly complex distribution process. Their goal is to implement a new ERP system which will be used by all employees working in the stores and at the head office.