The Growth of ERP Systems

ERP systems or Enterprise Resource Planning systems bring together different phases of management information across an entire organizational platform. Areas such as manufacturing, accounting, sales, marketing, service and customer relationship management all fall into the realm of ERP.The activity is automated with a software application that is integrated. The information from department to department flows throughout all the business functions within the organization.

The software for Enterprise systems is a multi-billion dollar industry where a variety of business functions are supported across a wide variety of disciplines. The complexity of the software is able to keep everything in focus and bring up searched for data in a moment's notice. Organizations will consider the ERP system the backbone of the data relational programs that integrates all other departments into one homogeneous fabric of organizational fluidity. It keeps items in line flawlessly such as accounting and production.Enterprise Resource Planning systems

The initial stages of the development of this system began with accounting, human resources, and maintenance. It soon became obvious that other areas would have to be added in because the platform was there to include everybody. The initial focus was to concentrate on back office functions that did not directly affect customers. Soon, however sophisticated customer relational modules were added in order to streamline that area and provide excellent customer service.Supplier relationship management, and other modules that dealt with financing, government relations, telecom and e-commerce modules and other sophisticated pieces were added.More recent systems have incorporated modules that step outside of the corporate setting and interact with other systems outside of the company. This allows for further refinement of ordering, accounting and finance measures, and fulfilment.

As time brings advances in technology, and systems become more and more automated, the potential of ERP is only as high as people can design more efficient and effective use of interactions between groups, both inside of the company and outside as well.

Image source: ©Scanrail - Fotolia