Deacom, Inc. manufactures DEACOM ERP - a holistic ERP solution with complete functionality, not the complex bolted-together approach found in other ERP solutions. DEACOM ERP is designed with the end-user in mind and addresses the complex challenges of manufacturers in the batch & process industries. 

Complete Functionality in a Single System:

  • Supply Chain: warehouse & inventory management, batch tracking, serialization management, and EDI
  • Development: parts lists, routings, and recipes
  • Planning: forecasting, procurement, and production
  • Production: seamless process tracking for batch & process manufacturing
  • Distribution: inventory management, CRM, POS, DSD, batch tracking, forecasting, and e-commerce
  • Quality: management of the complete supply chain from incoming goods, to production, and shipping
  • Maintenance: planned and ad-hoc

When the customer and industry requirements evolve, so does DEACOM ERP. Our company operates under the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. As new functions integrate into the system, they are automatically available to the entire customer base at the same time. As a result, companies can benefit from new DEACOM ERP business-critical functions faster than would be possible with conventional ERP platforms.

Deacom's ERP solution, built on a .NET framework, offers functional flexibility unmatched by competing ERP vendors. It can quickly adapt to changing industry and regulatory requirements. 

It is Complexity Made Simpler. Our methodology is the foundation for our success. With over 25 years of experience and more than 250 customers successfully running their businesses with DEACOM EPR, the solution is clear.  

  • ONE System- All industry and base functionality is part of the ERP solution - no extensions or customizations are required. Processes are seamlessly-monitored with Hyper-Tight Process Control™!
  • ONE User Experience- Intuitive and consistent user interfaces across all departments, all platforms, and all devices!
  • ONE Fixed Price- Software, implementation, unlimited enhancements, and training at a fixed price - Guaranteed!
  • ONE Team- A dedicated partner for everything you need: software, implementation, training, service, and support!

Start simplifying your business operations today and learn more about DEACOM ERP.


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