IFS Applications

IFS Applications is a powerful suite of fully integrated software modules that will help you manage your business more effectively. It combines exceptionally broad and deep functional capabilities with an elegant simplicity of design. This means that it is easy to use and straightforward to implement, delivering full control over your business. IFS Applications enables you to manage different business types including project-oriented, contracting, manufacturing, supply chain and service management across a range of organizations from construction through process and automotive manufacturing to distribution.

It has the ability to support mixed-mode operations simultaneously in the same system at the same time and in one or more sites, countries, currencies and languages. It has the flexibility to support the dynamic changes occurring in our industrial markets – opening and closing manufacturing or distribution centres, changing the sourcing methods for products or services and providing the visibility and planning capabilities to manage them as a single business.

In short it’s the ideal system for a modern industrial company. IFS Applications streamlines critical business processes, such as Customer schedules and EDI, multi-site supply chain, lean manufacturing, engineering change management and Product Life Cycle Management. IFS’ architecture permits rapid deployment and fast response to changes in the business environment.