Priority ERP integrates all company data and business processes into a single and consistent, unified system allowing the fast flow of information between departments, processes, customers and suppliers. Using the latest cloud-based technology; remote access by staff and trading partners is standard, allowing internet based product catalogues for direct ordering and supplying, real-time remote access for outbound staff and management and Wi-Fi automation for Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC). The Priority ERP solution has an extremely broad scope of functionality that is used in the most demanding of industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction and Professional Services to name a few.

Priority's mobile application generator enables you to create awesome mobile apps to give your customers independent digital management tools, with minimal dependence on outside vendors. It is an exceptionally high-quality, high-standard app that delivers an enhanced user experience. With hassle-free backend integration, built-in security and user management, users can write once and

run everywhere – no need for porting to devices or OS. This means that remote and field employees can easily engage with customers where and when it matters most. What's more, business teams can increase marketing and sales campaigns, enhance customer service and support and make better and faster business decisions in real time.

Priority has full integration with Microsoft tools including Word, Excel, Outlook and Project. The extremely advanced level of software engineering in Priority provides the capability to customise the solution to each customer’s unique requirements without raising the support overhead and without jeopardising the ability to upgrade in the future. The architecture of Priority has been developed to ensure that customisations will work with any future release without the need for any further programming.

Management information is a vitally important aspect of the Priority solution. From on-line analytical reporting to Outlook-based executive dashboards, Priority provides vital and up-to-the minute executive information in the easiest possible format for managers to digest.

Platforms available for the Priority solution cover Windows and Unix with database options for Oracle and MS-SQL. The level of service that customers receive is of maximum importance. This is manifested in many ways. Firstly, the response to customer queries is fast and effective. Secondly, with Priority, users have seen that additional functionality they have requested has been added to the core product at the first available opportunity. This is not dependent on user group structures, customer size or any other ethereal criteria, but by the fact that it is a customer requirement. What is good for current customers must be good for future customers. Thirdly, implementation methodology is vital with ERP installations. Medatech consultants are all trained in-house and have the skills to deliver everything that their customer requires, whether it is project management, application knowledge, business process analysis, system programming or any other aspects. This reduces the number of contacts required in an implementation which brings quality, simplicity and speed to the whole process. Finally, we understand that providing and supporting an ERP solution is a long-term commitment to our customers’ businesses. We also provide ongoing reviews to ensure our customers are operating their ERP solution to the maximum effectiveness.


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