WinMan ERP Software

A highly capable solution, WinMan ERP software supports your business processes. WinMan provides visibility of data across the business empowering people to make informed, timely decisions. WinMan increases productivity, profitability and efficiency whilst reducing waste and duplicated tasks. WinMan provides a framework that allows you to adapt while you grow. WinMan supports companies that have both complex manufacturing & distribution requirements.

WinMan is a powerful ERP Software solution aimed specifically at the manufacturing and distribution/ecommerce sectors. Covering all aspects of Manufacturing, Distribution, CRM, Financials, Web Sales and associated functions, WinMan has been developed from the ground up as an integrated business system for forward thinking enterprises.

WinMan has outstanding and highly flexible manufacturing functionality with world class reference sites covering many industries. From simple nuts and bolts to complex one-off products to highly configured items to demanding environments of food/pharma/cosmetics; we support comprehensively, in either push and/or pull, the following manufacturing types:

  • Discrete
  • Engineer to Order
  • Make to Order
  • Configure to Order
  • Batch Process (Food, Pharma, Cosmetics, Chemicals)
  • MRO / Remanufacture
  • High Volume Repetitive

WinMan supports advanced logistics and distribution functionality with a proven ability to support companies with tens of thousands of product lines and thousands of customers worldwide and processing high volume sales transactions with perhaps thousands of order lines on a single order with multiple delivery addresses.

WinMan financials are utilised by all of our customers from small five user single sites right up to multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency customers with hundreds of users.

WinMan CRM provides a powerful sales, supplier and customer management tool with a view of all customers, suppliers and associated companies. WinMan CRM is available over the web and can also be accessed through smart devices such as Apple or Android giving complete portability for the sales, support and any other associated internal functions. Sales pipeline reporting; marketing campaign management, telemarketing, project management and customer support cases are provided for. WinMan CRM is project based and provides a central receptacle for all information, documents, contacts, companies, tasks and actions associated with the project. Tasks can be set for other people associated with the project and multiple people / companies can be associated with each project giving complete flexibility and accountability throughout the process of acquiring new clients right through to supporting existing clients.

WinMan Go is our mobile App which covers shop floor data capture (SFDC), warehouse management and mobile CRM that extends the power of WinMan ERP throughout your warehouse, shop floor and field sales. WinMan Go operates on mobile devices (Tablets, iPads, Windows Mobile Devices) and can be used for mobile pick lists, bar code scanning for goods receipt, stock moves, shipping etc, shop floor kiosks for clocking in/out, works orders, booking on/off jobs and much more. WinMan Go is highly extendable to customer requirements such as linking to scales for GMP manufacturing.

The WinMan REST API facilitates integration with external systems including eCommerce sites and ePOS and we also have full integration with Magento I & II.

WinMan Workflow means that throughout the system we can match your business processes without the need to bespoke WinMan. The flexibility of our development environment and the tools we have subsequently developed gives us unrivalled flexibility and ease of use across many manufacturing & distribution sectors.

WinMan ERP Software

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