QAD Adaptive ERP

Your ERP should suit your business strategy, what we call agile, rapid and effective. That's why Adaptive ERP works.

Built on the QAD Enterprise Platform, QAD Adaptive ERP makes it easy to develop and maintain “last-mile” functionality that provides manufacturers with their competitive advantage. Extensions and new apps can be created in a low code/no code environment and, unlike intrusive customisations, do not create rigidity that interferes with upgrades.

QAD Adaptive ERP fully supports modularisation allowing customers to select the areas of QAD Adaptive ERP they want to upgrade − without needing to upgrade the entire application and without being impacted by extensions and new apps built on the QAD Enterprise Platform.

Inbuilt industry best practice - QAD has served our manufacturing customers around the globe for over 40 years. During that time best practice has been incorporated into the application for the verticals we serve, giving our customers immediate competitive advantage and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and requirements.

The rapid response technologies within QAD Adaptive ERP are designed to efficiently and effectively meet the changing requirements of manufacturers.They allow manufacturers to maximise the return on their ERP investment by achieving better levels of fit to required business processes, ensuring improved operational, management and strategy alignment now and into the future.


QAD Adaptive ERP

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