The Priority ERP solution has an extremely broad scope of functionality that is used in the most demanding of industries, from pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to aerospace manufacture, as well as project driven and service led organisations. Priority is a stable platform using SQL or Oracle as underlying the database. As well as the standard business functions of CRM, sales, finance, purchasing, production, planning; it also has modules for rarely covered areas such as customer service and project management. These functions are not third-party interfaces but written directly by Priority Software. Tools such as a feature rich Executive Information System, multi facet business intelligence and a process modelling tool are included as standard, though are often offered as costly additions from alternate vendors.  In doing so, Priority Software provides the tools for scalability and growth within its own application, allows your business systems to grow at the pace you require.

Priority Software includes full and seamless integration with Microsoft tools including Word, Excel, Outlook and Project. The architecture of Priority has been developed to ensure that customisations will work with any future release without the need for any further development.  Priority Software has unique features such as Business Rules, and Business Process Management putting management in control.  Priority has customers in most verticals, fully supports Multi Currency with dual base currencies and is available in 17 Languages.

Priority Software can be deployed on tablets and mobile phones to keep you in touch whilst on the move, using full feature native Apps designed completely for this interface and which mimic your desktop application exactly, whatever changes have been incorporated to the ‘base’ system and with an effortless roll out. Uniquely, with Priority Software, your mobility solutions add nothing to the cost.  Portability is important within your own walls too and Priority Software has a module for reporting wirelessly and via barcode for shop-floor or inventory transactions, as you would expect.

For nearly 30 years Priority Software has been at the cutting edge of technology advancement and you can be assured that the full suite of solutions will always be maintained at the forefront of technology providing our customers with the tools they need to lead their industries. Web-enablement has also been in Priority Software’s portfolio from the earliest days. Today,  many customers are making use of Priority Software’s business portal; each implementation geared specifically to the exacting and ever changing needs of the business, be that either through an intranet environment or complete B2B and B2C e-commerce sites.

Management information is a vitally important aspect of Priority Software. From on-line analytical reporting to Outlook-based executive dashboards, Priority provides essential, relevant and up-to-the minute executive information in the easiest possible format for managers to digest and act upon.

Platforms available for the Priority solution cover Windows, Apple and Unix with database options for Oracle and MS-SQL.

Priority Software have always operated through a close knit community of accredited partners and who are encouraged to share resources in order to bring the fastest and best solution to the client, at whatever their stage in EPR familiarity. The level of service that customers receive from partners is of maximum importance and a key metric which is overseen by a global team of experts with cutting edge skills and capabilities across every vertical. For the end user, this manifests itself in many ways.

Firstly, the response to customer queries is fast and effective.

Secondly, with Priority Software, user driven enhancements are positively encouraged and the user community is invited to offer improvement suggestions which will add typically custom requirements into standard functionality and at the earliest possible opportunity. The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that exists within Priority Software, primarily as development experts thrives upon suggestions offered by the user community. Often, what is good for current customers is good for future customers!

Thirdly, implementation methodology is vital with all ERP installations. ABS consultants are all trained in-house and have the skills to deliver everything that their customer requires, whether it is analysis gathering, solution design, process definition, project management, system programming or any other aspect. Organisations very often will require assistance and coaching in ‘Change management’ too – a service which our Team have many years of experience with at organisations of all sizes.  Importantly, this minimises the number of contacts required in an implementation which brings quality, simplicity and speed to the whole process.

Finally, we understand that providing and supporting an ERP solution is a long-term commitment to our customers businesses. We also provide ongoing reviews to ensure our customers are operating their ERP solution to the maximum effectiveness as they continue to release the value from their investment and grow in their markets while doing so.






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