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Enapps business management software

At Enapps we believe that anyone that tells you that an ERP implementation is easy or will not have problems is being disingenuous. We will, however, help you over every single hurdle as we implement the software.

We also believe that because every business is unique, then every ERP implementation should be unique, so it reflects the way that you want to work. As part of each implementation, we review your current business practices and ‘positively challenge’ you with new ideas or new ways of tackling old problems. The ultimate choice is of course yours, but we know that we have certainly helped our clients with solutions to problems that they would never have thought of due to their feedback.

Enapps supply a fully end-to-end business management system which can be delivered on-premise or via the cloud and is a great ERP partner of choice for any UK based SME because;

  • We supply an extremely flexible system which can account for virtually any desired workflow
  • We honour our post scoping quoted price, so you know exactly how much you will pay for the implementation
  • We insist on staged payments, so you only pay when you are pleased with the current phase of the implementation
  • We cost effectively reflect the needs of your business within the ERP as your business matures