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UK based company Enapps offers a feature rich, affordable world-class ERP system targeted at SMEs in the UK. Being a software author utilising an open-source framework, Enapps can deliver customised solutions to meet the specific requirements of each individual company. Operating in industries such as manufacturing, distribution and project-based business, as well as offering solutions for product configuration, warehousing, e-commerce and so much more, Enapps thrive on evolving business management solutions through ERP.

Enapps can truly offer bespoke solutions to empower businesses with a complete end-to-end system, by providing modular core products, such as, Accounting, Sales, CRM, Business Intelligence, Manufacturing, Project Management, HR and more. In addition to this there is a suite of leading integrations, such as Phocas, Open Banking, Onfleet and others.

The Enapps platform is easy to use and is delivered as a SaaS solution. An experienced and passionate team can be relied upon to guide digital transformation and streamline processes, from initial conversations, through implementation and beyond with committed customer support.


Enapps Limited

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