WPSoftware Ltd

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  • Gloucester
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  • United Kingdom
  • +44 (0) 79 340 10069

Woodpecker solutions are superb versatile dependable systems which have served 130+ varied clients since 2005.

Having warranted functionality, 98% implementation success, transparent pricing, tailor-fitting for each client's individual needs, Woodpecker amply merits consideration for system quality, client care and support, value.

When building each system we work very closely with clients to ensure that we completely understand current operations, expectations, future potential developments, usability for all staff.

Our ERPs integrate the best of standard modules with the power and flexibility of tailor-made bespoke solutions. To provide the most effective information flow within the company, Woodpecker systems extend to a diverse range of devices (PDAs, tablets, for example) and are easily enabled to communicate with third party software.

The fundamental goal of our systems is to work in close collaborative support of clients’ staff and management providing momentum for continuous improvement.

Our clients typically become experienced and well-reasoned enthusiasts of Woodpecker solutions. Please ask us more.