Merlin Business Software is specifically designed to fulfil the changing requirements of Merchant, Wholesale, Stockist and Distribution environments, including sales order processing, stock control, invoicing, sales, purchase and nominal ledgers. Users of Merlin enjoy a wide range of benefits through numerous user-friendly features within the software. These include the ability to increase the value of each order by prompting the customer to order additional items from their online history. Improved profit margins on each order are also possible, due to the management of individual customer special prices. Our expertise in electronically interfacing Merlin with other applications ensures that both customer and supplier EDI, XML and E-commerce requirements can be catered for. Offering a comprehensive range of support services, our customers enjoy a single source of supply when it comes to hardware and software requirements, including installation, cabling, training, on-going support and maintenance and, if required, software modifications and bespoke development. It is this single-source responsibility that we believe is largely responsible for Merlin’s success, and long-term customer loyalty. Management Reporting Merlin possesses comprehensive management reporting for all aspects of the business including sales, stock, profit & loss analysis and can support multi-company and multi-location businesses. Its ability to integrate with third-party sales intelligence software makes this combination an extremely potent selling tool. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sales Comprehensive Sales Order Solutions Merlin Business Software provides a solution for processing all types of sales orders: Back Office Sales Pro-Active Tele-Sales Trade Counter Sales Mobile Sales Trade Show Sales Showroom Sales Increased Sales & Profits Merlin is simple to use and provides all the many “ease of use” benefits you would expect from modern software including on screen guidance and many single-key options for the instant retrieval of information. Merlin will provide you with a more pro-active business system, which will enable you to: Increase your turnover and profitability whilst minimising costs Promote more pro-active tele-sales through the use of enhanced facilities Have immediate access to on-line sales history enabling operators to sell more product lines Control and manage Special Customer Prices automatically Control and manage Special Offers automatically Utilise a simple and easy to use Call Management system, which will provide a daily “To-Do” Screen for the tele-sales operators, detailing who they should call and at what time Sales Analysis Merlin’s Sales Analysis provides information on the performance of the business’s sales; enabling users to highlight not just the performing salesmen but where performance may be slipping, so action can be taken swiftly. All too often companies remain unaware of where business is being lost – Merlin’s Sales Analysis module helps to identify these areas and helps to pinpoint which customers, products and salesmen need attention. Back to top -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock Control Merlin’s Stock Module lies at the heart of the system, storing comprehensive details of the full product range. The data held within the Stock module is designed to help control costs and to assist in general and special sales pricing. It offers facilities for costing, pricing and discounting, multiple locations and maintains a comprehensive history of all stock movements including sales, purchases and any other usage to highlight fast and slow moving lines and to reveal trends. Barcoding Barcode scanning equipment is easy to use and can be operated by all levels of employee from storemen to machine operators. It provides a low-cost solution to the problems inherent in entering data, significantly enhancing reliability and cutting costs in the process. Automated Goods Despatching Time and accuracy to despatch customers orders can be improved dramatically with the use of barcoding. Merlin makes automatic sales order despatching and warehouse operations even easier. With very simple operation any member of staff with little or no computer experience can use it. Automated Goods Received When taking delivery of goods, all orders can be quickly identified and quantities checked using the barcodes and hand held readers. Faxing, E-mailing and SMS Messaging Designed to help users provide higher levels of customer service, Merlin can send: Quotations Order Acknowledgements Copy Invoices Statements Alerts & Messages Merlin’s automated messaging facility enables users to send documents without leaving their desks. For example, the accounts department can send Order Acknowledgements, Statements and copy Invoices whilst the buyer can send out Purchase Orders. All this can be done immediately and without the delay and expense of having to use the photocopier or the fax machine, or involving other personnel. SMS text messages can be sent from the keyboard to customers or members of staff alike. Back to top Improved Control of Stock Stock Levels monitored and shortages highlighted Control of Batches - less stock wastage Economic Stocking Levels Monitor deliveries by date, supplier or product On-line Supplier Purchase History Stock Status Reports by Supplier Identify slow moving or redundant stock Purchase Order Processing/Works Order integration Product Information to help capitalise on every Sales Opportunity Stock Availability Alternative Products Technical Notes “add on” sales Quantity Break Pricing On-line Customer Sales History Family Aggregate Discounts Special Customer Prices and Gross Margin calculations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to top Improved Efficiency Proof of Delivery The Proof of Delivery Imaging interface allows the association of a graphics file containing a signature on a delivery note with its respective order & invoice. Disputed invoices can be resolved effortlessly for customers insisting upon proof of delivery. POD images can then be instantly displayed on screen at the touch of a button to help speed up the resolution of customer disputes. POD signatures can be captured at the Trade Counter / Point of Sale and also by your Delivery driver using Pen based terminals. Van Routing For companies with busy delivery schedules, customer orders can be allocated to a delivery route at the time an order is placed, giving the customer a more accurate date for delivery at the time of order. By utilising the Van Routing facility you can manage the delivery of customer orders more effectively, promise more accurate delivery dates and be more efficient with your delivery costs. Back to top SMS Messaging Contact your customers directly to let them know the stock they ordered has now arrived and is ready for collection / delivery. Customer relationships are greatly improved with a simple SMS message to a customer’s mobile telephone with information about items they are waiting for. Save your customer’s time and keep them happy, they will come back to you time and time again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Financials Merlin provides comprehensive management information to assist in the day-to-day running of your business. All the financial data can be extracted in simple or detailed management reports. The benefits Merlin gives to your financial operations: Multi-Company Multi-Branch Multi-Depot Multi-Currency Accounts & Budgets by department Operates over various computer platforms Access to all data – better management reporting - better control All ledgers automatically post to the Nominal Ledger Gain simple and quick access to account details via rapid search facilities. User’s menus can be tailored so levels of data access can be restricted by the management. BACS Payments Every Supplier who can/will accept payment electronically can be paid using a BACS payments file which can be transmitted to your bank using the majority of Online Banking software. A suggested payments routine can be produced by Merlin and amended before being paid. Credit Control Credit Control information is readily available throughout Merlin, ensuring credit limits and overdue payments are tightly controlled. At any point of order entry, if the customer’s limit is exceeded, the operator is alerted. A permanent lock can be applied requiring a manager override before an operator is allowed to enter the order, dependant upon the individual settings on the customer’s account details. Management Reporting Merlin’s Nominal Ledger has been designed to give users the means of producing a balance sheet, profit & loss account, trial balance and other financial reports, tailored to the needs of their particular business. Merlin can provide many comprehensive financial reports as standard, ranging from statutory financial documents to detailed management information in the form of schedules and budgetary reports. There are many standard reports available within the sales and purchase ledgers for daily, monthly and annual routines: VAT, Reporting Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

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