Lawson Software

  • Movex House
  • Old Power Way
  • Lowfields Business Park
  • HX5 9DE
  • Elland
  • +44(0)1422 377611

Lawson is a global software solutions provider. At Lawson we offer solutions to complex business processes and use a combination of superior software technology and industry expertise spanning over 30 years. We deliver software and implementation services to 4,000 customer sites in manufacturing, distribution and services industries across 40 countries with 3,800 employees and over 200 partners and 5 global solution centres. Not only are we a software solutions provider, but we also offer implementation and maintenance services. Lawson has 1750 customers in the Americas, 1830 customers in Europe and 325 customers in Asia Pacific giving us a well balanced installed base globally. Our mission is simple: to make you stronger. We start by comparing your performance to industry benchmarks. We help you identify your weaknesses, bottlenecks and pain points. Then we help you implement our integrated enterprise software to alleviate – or even eliminate – those weaknesses. We measure your progress and identify the next set of improvements. Many of our customers say we help them continuously improve their operations. We make them stronger. We can make you stronger because we understand your industry. Our consultants, product managers and development leaders understand how your business works and how to make it more efficient. We build our software based on this understanding.