Medatech UK Limited

  • Anchor House, School Lane
  • Chandlers Ford
  • Hampshire
  • SO53 4DY
  • United Kingdom
  • +44 (0) 845 230 6740

Medatech UK is a fast growing ERP software development and integration company that sells, develops and supports Priority ERP across the UK, Europe and the US. Being over 15 years old, with nearly 100 UK customers, our experience allows us to help both small companies taking their first steps in the ERP arena, as well as medium and large companies, wishing to replace their cumbersome legacy systems. Priority is an ERP Solution for organisations in a vast number of industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Commercial and Construction to name a few. It has the functionality required by each of these discrete business types and industries. It is a modular system allowing just the functionality needed to be used, thus growing companies of any size can use the system as their evolution dictates. In order to support unique requirements for niche businesses, Medatech has developed special add-on modules that enhance Priority’s built-in functionality and allows the system to work the way you do. Expanding those additional modules and delivering better solutions to our customers has been our trademark over the years. Hence why Priority ERP is used by companies with as little as 5 users up to over 3,000.

Medatech UK currently has three offices in the UK, with a subsidiary in Australia and group HQ in Israel plus a sales office in Ireland and the USA. We are fully committed to maintaining the outstanding level of service that has been a key factor in our continuous success. Medatech is also constantly looking to grow through entering new territories and by offering new products and expanding it’s offerings to the marketplace.