WinMan ERP Software

As an independent employee owned organisation we have control over our own destiny and most importantly also of the WinMan ERP system.

After nearly 25 years of intensive and progressive development, we believe that it is now a class leading solution for a broad range of SME manufacturing, supply chain and distribution industry sectors. The vision and driving force behind the building of the WinMan ERP System is and always will be:

  • A fully integrated ERP solution that is intuitive and easy to use and operate
  • Comprehensive functionality to enable support of the management needs across a broad range of manufacturing, supply chain and distribution sectors
  • Features and facilities in support of best business practices
  • Protecting the integrity of the upgrade path to ensure that all users benefit from product enhancements as and when they become available
  • Providing class leading best value for money

But product excellence is only half the story. Our company mission is to help WinMan customers maximise the potential benefits of its implementation by providing service and support excellence at all stages of delivery:

  • As a result of this strategy, we now count hundreds of active WinMan sites, scaling from 5 to 400 concurrent user installations.
  • We commit to developing a close and proactive partnership with our customers throughout the entire life-cycle of the installation.
  • We endeavour to thoroughly understand each customer’s business needs and to configure the WinMan solution to match.
  • We are prepared to go that extra mile to ensure implementation success.
  • Our ISO 9001 certified support desk operation is readily accessible and staffed exclusively by WinMan experts.
  • All WinMan sites retain a high visibility within our organisation. Our aim is to nurture our customers over the long term and to be on hand to respond to and meet the changing needs of the future.
WinMan ERP Software

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