Global manufacturers face ever-increasing disruption caused by factors that include technology-driven innovation, changing consumer preferences, and economic, geopolitical and societal events. In order to survive and thrive, manufacturers must be able to innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed. QAD calls companies that can do this Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises.

QAD has helped manufacturers for over 40 years to rapidly respond and plan for disruptions to their business or industry. Ensuring they thrive as Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. Traditional tactics, processes and systems can often hinder a company’s ability to respond to change. QAD delivers rapid, agile and effective cloud ERP solutions for manufacturers to focus on the disruptions they face today and provide the flexibility to address future challenges.

Today, most new customers and many long standing customers choose the QAD Cloud to ensure the rapid deployment, scalability, availability, disaster recovery and security of QAD Adaptive ERP. Running QAD Adaptive ERP and other QAD solutions in the cloud frees up a manufacturer’s resources to focus on strategic initiatives. QAD Adaptive ERP in the QAD Cloud includes 24x7 support in multiple languages and takes advantage of world-class, regionally focused cloud services.


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