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Prerogative have been established as the UK’s founding Greentree reseller since 2003 and from that time have continued to successfully implement the Greentree Business Management solution for our customers.

Prerogative are the most experienced Greentree reseller in the UK and key to that success is the knowledge of Prerogative’s staff. This highly motivated team of experienced implementation consultants, backed up by a project management team with a proven methodology, ensures that we meet our customer’s full aims and objectives and allow them to take full advantage of the solution to manage their business efficiently and effectively. The business relationship does not stop there as Prerogative’s award winning support makes sure that the system is kept running at its optimum and the customer can focus on what they do best for their clients. If you are interested to understand how our customers use Greentree please visit

Prerogative is the only Value Added Developer in the United Kingdom for Greentree and the only UK partner who has the Greentree source code. This has allowed our customers, where relevant, to have customized solutions which exactly meet their unique requirements.

Prerogative's excellence has been recognised on a number of occasions by Greentree International themselves. Prerogative was recently awarded Greentree UK Reseller of the Year for 2019, making it our 11th consecutive year with this title.

If you are new to Greentree and wondering if it is the right software for your business why not contact one of our experienced consultants to see if Greentree should be considered. Prerogative consultants have been providing business systems for over 20 years and over 1,000s of implementations.

Prerogative Limited

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