Checklist Manufacturing Software

Today’s manufacturing companies face constant pressure to produce a high quality product on time, all the time. Compliance mandates, market governance and economic fluctuations enlarge the complexities these companies face every day. Increasing profitability and striving to reduce costs while remaining competitive is not easy. Manufacturing software must meet these needs and software providers must have the ability to anticipate the future needs of today’s agile business environments.

Manufacturers are moving to the next generation of software to strengthen their information systems. MRP software vendors have to deliver cost effective, highly adaptable, highly mobile, easy to access capabilities.

Below, you find a couple of tips when selecting manufacturing software:

Deploy a long term strategy

Manufacturing software has to grow with the company. To understand what the next ten years will bring, and what the impact will be, study the past ten years and at least double the rate of change. Technology will provide relevant information to every worker in the company at any time on any device, and it will have to anticipate to future changes.

Manufacturing software is not one size fits all

Regardless your goals or strategy, five key elements of the system’s design give it the ability to create a tailor-made solution for your business. These five elements are tools to customise your system, system settings, roadmaps, execution of the implementation, advanced technologies.Manufacturing software

Industry expertise

The right ERP provider will be able to offer you the services and tools that allows your company to successfully solve its business challenges and maximize return on investment. Verify the software vendor has industry experienced managers and a highly skilled work force and assures their long-term ability to serve your company.


If this is to be your last manufacturing system replacement, investment protection should be a cornerstone of your software developer. Have they maintained a continuous history of growth while providing regular product upgrades to their customers? This philosophy should ensure your vendor is fit to continue serving you into the future.

Migrating to SaaS

Migrating to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solution may be a smart move for a small or midsize business (SMB), but it will only pay if you choose the right ERP provider.

Return on investment

Manufacturing software consistently delivers the highest ROI for companies of all sizes. Unfortunately, many ERP software vendors have come and gone, and their customers have suffered. To avoid a similar position, look for sound management practices, consistent growth and strong financial stability. Compare vendors with a proven track record of delivering solutions that automate, improve, streamline and integrate manufacturing operations.

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